Saturday, March 31, 2012

Book Group at the Movies: Hunger Games and Irony

Finally! A photo of myself I LOVE! As the least photogenic person I know, the self-deception continues. I think the look I was going for here is "lethal yet jovial." I've been looking at this all morning and it makes me do the grandpa laugh every single time. If I'm ever having a self-pity-filled day just show me this and I swear I will freely giggle like a two-year-old. I am in LOVE! I am in LOVE! And I don't care who knows it!!!
I love the feel-good, hyper-organized delirium of a craft assembly-line.
Pretty little mockingjays all in a row.
We had the exact amount of fun it looks like we had. Squeeeeaaaalll! Let's HUG and watch a post-apocalyptic chick-flick! YAY!!!
My face says it all--"Hello, I didn't get enough sleep because I was making t-shirts all night, but I'm going to pretend that I'm not tired and totally fool everybody!"
Heil Alesa! (It's nice to see your eyes not glowing with an evil crimson ember for ONCE!)
SURPRISE! I can do my hair. . . all by myself!
So happy. . . yet so surprisingly murderous (and somehow maternal at the same time).
Mary says, "
All the killing and violence...can't we all just get along?!"